Gabosky’s G-Media unveils distribution model

If there is any filmmaker who is striking the right chord that may ease the major challenge faced by Nollywood, it is Igwe Gab Okoye, aka Gabosky, whose G-Media company is fixated on auditable structures for film distribution and exhibition.


Experts have identified the absence of mass and simultaneous film distribution framework as the factor that has given rise to incidence of piracy, leading to the impoverishment of filmmakers and other intellectual property right owners.

In a frantic support for a change, stakeholders in the film industry stormed the Civic Centre, Lagos, last Thursday, as Gabosky inaugurated a nationwide distribution network.

“Today, we present to you our years of gruesome efforts to provide Nigeria and, indeed, Africa a clean, efficient, technology- driven, auditable motion picture distribution system in all windows, which will rival the best in the world.

“We present G-Media Stores, your neighbourhood retails stores that will galvanise and organise the government- licensed regional and community distributors into an organised whole, so as to deliver authentic African entertainment contents to their enthusiastic audience.

“We present to you G-Media online streaming portal for movie and music downloads that has complete DRM protection. We present to you that will enable Nigeria entertainment contents to be streamed across the globe,” Gobosky said amidst cheers, laying emphasis on the significance of online distribution nowadays.

The project is being supported by Bank of Industry (BoI) and FCMB, in response to years of yearnings for a structure that can fast-track film distribution and circumvent activities of pirates.

He noted that his company had already secured the right to distribute some of the industry’s critically acclaimed movies, including Mahmood Ali Balogun’s Tango With Me, Charles Novia’s Alan Poza, Obi Emelonye’s Onye Ozi, Mitchelle Bello’s Flower Girl and Banned in Nigeria produced by Gabosky Films Limited. Some of these films were demonstrated through the online portal launched at the event.

“The reason we are where we are is because of poor distribution. People can’t get good movies to buy because of inadequate distribution, which has allowed piracy to thrive. It is time to put things right and that is what we are doing with G-Media. Whether we are selling by DVD or online by way of streaming, the right owner will get alert on how his intellectual property is doing in the market. That is what an auditable process is about,” he stated.

Among the dignitaries who gave accolades to the project was Mr. Emeka Mba, Director General of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), who noted that the entertainment and content industry in Nigeria was making progress with the birth of G-media.

“I really admire what is happening here. When you place a higher value on contents, then, it means you are willing to invest more money on contents, in order to have something good. So, let’s recognise the fact and work towards that,” he said.

Also, the Director-General of National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), Ms. Patricia Bala, who was represented by the Director of Operations, Mr. Cornel Agim, said she was proud of the feat achieved by G-Media so far.

Bala said they had been supportive of the project and had recommended experts ensure its smooth operations.

BOI’s Senior Manager, Entertainment, Ahmed Kagara, who said his bank’s primary agenda was to finance the manufacturing sector, said: “We have been collaborating with Gabosky. We look at the entertainment industry from a purely business angle. We sit down with you; you convince us on the viability of your business and we go on as a purely business decision.”

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