THIS DAY LIVE -21 Sep 2014

Chioma Anokwuru records the highlights of a recent discourse featuring film maker, Lancelot Imasuen at the Nollywood Studies Centre of the School of Media and Communications of the Pan Atlantic University. Imasuen’s film, ‘Invasion 1897’ was in focus

What is an epic film? This is the question that the producer/director, Lancelot Imasuen, set out to answer as an introduction to the topic, “The Challenges of Making a Historical Film in Nollywood: Invasion 1897 as a Case Study.”


Gabosky’s G-Media unveils distribution model

If there is any filmmaker who is striking the right chord that may ease the major challenge faced by Nollywood, it is Igwe Gab Okoye, aka Gabosky, whose G-Media company is fixated on auditable structures for film distribution and exhibition.

The book, Auteuring Nollywood: Critical Perspectives on The Figurine, which examines the high points of Kunle Afolayan’s award-winning film, The Figurine, got a tumultuous unveiling at the Agip Recital Hall of the MUSON Centre, Lagos, on Thursday, July 31.

Stakeholders in the Nigerian entertainment industry were on hand to welcome the 455-page book put together by Dr. Adeshina Afolayan, an academic and brother to the filmmaker.

“Greater rigour in the enforcement of the laws is required” Ikechukwu Obiaya

Tell us about yourself.

I am the director of the Nollywood Studies Centre. My role is ensuring that everything goes right. But I also intend to be involved in the discussions.

The Mediating Power of Distribution

As a mediating process, distribution, especially in film culture, is a site of power. “It determines what films we see, and when and how we see them. Crucially, it also determines what we do not see. Distribution, then, is about cultural power, about the regulation, provision, and denial of audiovisual content.” (Lobato, 2009) As Garnham points out, distribution “is the key locus of power and profit” (Garnham, 1990, p. 162).

However, the lack of formal structures has so far discouraged prospective investors. The lack of financial support from either the government or financial houses has meant that filmmakers have had to depend mainly on private capital. Consequently, the capital base of the industry is extremely limited, and this has stunted the growth of the industry, especially as regards improving the available infrastructure.

How many eyes has a typical person?


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